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Boeing 777-200 Simulator

Hello and welcome to Flight City at Jandakot Airport – home of the Boeing 777-200 Flight Simulator. Our team is absolutely committed to providing the highest quality flight simulator training and joyflight experiences in a supportive and professional environment. Join us!

Flight City John Goldsmith

We stand for excellence

Revesco Aviation's Flight City instructors are 100% committed to providing the highest quality flight training in the Boeing 777-200 Flight Simulator. We guarantee a supportive and friendly environment with a motivating professional team.

Our staff benefit from up-to-date and impeccably maintained equipment, technical support and location data scenarios.


So you've completed your Commercial Pilot Licence and Multi-engine Instrument Rating. What's the next step? Training as a First Officer for Medium Size Multi-crew Turbine Aircraft.

Revesco Aviation Flight City's CASA approved Multi-crew Cooperation (MCC) course, prepares you for teamwork, leadership, decision making and standard operating procedures as part of a multi-crew team. All training is conducted at the Flight City Jandakot hanger with two days in the classroom and five days in the Boeing 777-200 Simulator. Our 20-hour course is flexible and can be tailored to suit your work commitments. You'll need to take an MCC course as a prerequisite to being accepted by one of the many operators.

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    Immersive MCC Pilot Training

    Twenty challenging and immersive hours in the B777-200 simulator with fully operational autothrottles, speed breaks and thrust reversers. You’ll finish Revesco's MCC course confident and fully prepared for your type rating.

    Flight City: the Revesco Difference

    Flight City's Simulator Centre is part of the Revesco Aviation Group – a premium air charter company flying Gulfstream 4SP, Cessna Citation, Phenom aircraft. Revesco's CASA approved, training and ATPL testing is highly respected by pilot recruiters Australiawide. Flight City's training is overseen by senior Revesco instructors.

    Flexible MCC Courses

    Flight City's course timetabling takes into consideration the realities of crew rostering and can arrange the delivery of our Revesco Multi-Crew Cooperation course so it suits busy schedules.

    Real-World Scenarios

    The MCC course presents you with real-world scenarios where decision making and teamwork are critical. Our Revesco instructors build your confidence in handling these scenarios by giving you actual experiences, solutions and outcomes that end with valuable debrief and feedback to prepare you for the future.

    Overall an excellent MCC course run by Revesco Aviation Advanced Flight Training. The facilities at Flight City Jandakot were great, the ground briefs thorough and John was a patient and knowledgeable instructor. I would recommend this course to other pilots needing a Multi-Crew Cooperation Certificate.


    MCC: Pilot

    The course was very good. The Theory Training and Flight Training was set out well and easy to follow. The instructors were all professional and very experienced pilots who constantly helped and shared their knowledge. John Goldsmith kept the course on track but also offered extra assistance where we needed it along the way. I highly recommend Revesco’s course to anyone needing an MCC.


    MCC: Pilot

    Doing my MCC course with FlightCity was a great experience – having completed an overseas MCC already, I needed to redo one in Australia so my training was recognised here. The course is very well laid out and filled with content relevant to everyday flying. The sim sessions taught us volumes with regards to working as a crew and learning how to deal with various scenarios. The 777 sim is a real treat and the MCC Training Team ensure you become comfortable operating the aircraft going out of their way to make the course enjoyable and fun. I’d highly recommend FlightCity’s MCC course to anyone looking for a quality place to do their Multi-Crew Cooperation training.


    MCC: Upgrade OS Certificate

    Flight Simulator Experiences


    Cleared for Takeoff

    Guaranteed two takeoffs
    Ideal for the first timer. Starts with engines running and cleared for takeoff to one of our many worldwide locations. Bring two friends to sit in the jumpseats so they can take advantage of the great photo ops, while you let your dreams take flight in the pilot's seat!
    $17530 mins

    Realtime Flight Action

    Pushback and start engines
    Get ready for action on the busy flight deck! Guided by our instructor experience a realtime flight between global locations while your friends take photos from the jumpseats.
    $27560 mins

    Airline Interview Prep

    Build your interview confidence
    Congratulations! You've made it through the preliminary airline interview and the next step is to prepare for the simulator assessment. We have several flight profiles – previously used by local operators, to help build your confidence and impress your prospective employer.
    $27560 mins

    Tailormade Pilot Action

    Let your dreams take flight
    Tailormade to your requests. Start at the gate, assist in programming the FMC (Flight Management Computer), pushback, start engines, takeoff, cruise, land and taxi back to the gate. This enormous experience gives you insight to an aviation career. It’s perfect for seasoned enthusiasts yearning the realism of a large aircraft.
    $37590 mins

    Ultimate Flying Experience

    Party in our firstclass cabin
    Bring jumpseat crew for the cockpit and party people for the luxury firstclass cabin! They get window seats, views of the flightdeck action and inflight service while you fly them to any airport in the world. Experience full B777-200 preparation, programming, departure, cruise, land and taxi to the gate. There may even be time for a second takeoff, flyover and landing to a city of your choice.
    $475120 mins

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