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Realtime Flight Action


Cleared for Takeoff

Guaranteed two takeoffs

Ideal for the first-timer. Enter the cockpit of this enormous airliner and take the Captain’s seat. You’ll be in good hands as your Co-pilot is your instructor. This simulated flight experience starts with engines running and cleared for takeoff to one of our many worldwide locations. Bring two friends to sit in the jumpseats so they can take advantage of the great photo ops, while you let your dreams take flight in the pilot’s seat!

  • 30min Simulator Experience
  • Perfect for first-timers

After a short flight briefing, you’ll turn your attention to the controls and take flight for a circuit around the city.

The only question is… which city?

Please choose a city anywhere in the world to take off from when the booking is made and we will have that Flightplan ready for you on the day. As an example, if your choice is Perth you will complete a take-off from Perth followed by a Rottnest or Perth coast fly-by before configuring the aircraft and positioning it for a landing back at Perth. This is usually about a 20-minute circuit in addition to the briefing time.

Any one. Any age. Any skill level.
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