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Nancy Jones


Brief info

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Our courses and programs


Upon completion of the commercial course, students can work and get paid right away.


Private Pilot License is a great opportunity for you to start a private jet lux class pilot career!


After receiving a FIR license you get a green light to be employed as a flight instructor!

Students about the training team

Overall an excellent MCC course run by Revesco Aviation Advanced Flight Training. The facilities at Flight City Jandakot were great, the ground briefs thorough and John was a patient and knowledgeable instructor. I would recommend this course to other pilots needing a Multi-Crew Cooperation Certificate.


MCC: Pilot

The course was very good. The Theory Training and Flight Training was set out well and easy to follow. The instructors were all professional and very experienced pilots who constantly helped and shared their knowledge. John Goldsmith kept the course on track but also offered extra assistance where we needed it along the way. I highly recommend Revesco’s course to anyone needing an MCC.


MCC: Pilot

Doing my MCC course with FlightCity was a great experience – having completed an overseas MCC already, I needed to redo one in Australia so my training was recognised here. The course is very well laid out and filled with content relevant to everyday flying. The sim sessions taught us volumes with regards to working as a crew and learning how to deal with various scenarios. The 777 sim is a real treat and the MCC Training Team ensure you become comfortable operating the aircraft going out of their way to make the course enjoyable and fun. I’d highly recommend FlightCity’s MCC course to anyone looking for a quality place to do their Multi-Crew Cooperation training.


MCC: Upgrade OS Certificate