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we love what we do

We love what we do! As seasoned aviators, we understand the kind of itch you get when you’re bitten by the aviation bug… there’s no known cure… the best thing you can do is acknowledge it, surrender to its demands and live your best flying life!

John Goldsmith, Perth

Loving it!

We are, where we are, today because of the aviation bug.

The fact is… the path to a successful career involves intense study and multi-level exam passing. If you don’t have a deep passion for flying, you’ll probably pull the ejection handle and free yourself from the tension. However, the rewards are many if you persist with the seemingly endless learning curves… best of all, you get paid to travel the world at the pointy end!

Working as part of a team and keeping medically fit requires lifelong commitment not only from yourself but also from those around you.

We see all kinds of folk at the Sim Centre for a flight experience, some are youngsters dreaming of a career or oldsters reliving their glory days.

During their visits, we feel the energy as our thrill seekers reach the stratosphere of first-time elation, being in command of this huge aircraft.

We thoroughly enjoy delivering these adrenalin-pumping simulated flight experiences and sharing our passion for what we do when you’re piloting the only Boeing 777 Flight Simulator available to the public in Australia!

Simulator Experiences are packaged for any age. any one. any experience:

  • Kids who dream of becoming a pilot
  • Home sim pilots taking it to the next level
  • Retired pilots reliving their glory days
  • People who are impossible to buy for

  • Adrenalin junkies
  • Aero and Social Clubs Groups 
  • Career Aviators looking to their future
  • Corporate Team Building Activities

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